Our Story

The Aspen Center started as a small speech therapy business run by Lisa Wagner.  One day she put a group of "speech" kids together for some activities and games instead of the typical 1:1 session and the magic began to happen.  These young kids were participating and playing in therapy activities with friends more than they did with just an adult.  That is when the first version of Aspen began.  As the program grew it became more evident that children with speech delays often had other developmental delays in other areas.  Other disciplines were brought into the team including occupational, physical and developmental therapists.  A whole child approach began to form instead of focusing on just a single area of development.      What also was discovered is families were searching for a place where their child could get ALL the different services their child needed in one place all working TOGETHER to best help their child.

To help with grant funding a non-profit organization was established in order to provide the Aspen programs to more families in the triangle area.  Aspen School for Exceptional Children is beginning it's 3rd year in our Cary location.

Our goal is to open a second location by 2018 and continue to grow in order to meet the needs of more children in the triangle.